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ABBA On Record - the British perspective

published September 29, 2023

A week ago, I wrote about ABBA's American career and how this is covered in my forthcoming book ABBA On Record - Packaged Promoted Reviewed. One of the other countries studied in the book is Great Britain, and in this blog post I will preview some of that content. But first a reminder:

21 October 2023: Please pre-order ABBA On Record no later than this date if you want it personally signed by me (just place your order and you will automatically get it signed). Copies of ABBA On Record bought after this date will not be signed for as long as this edition remains in print. 21 October is also the deadline date for UK customers to buy the book at the current UK price. After that it will be Europe prices (please visit for more details about the prices and to place your order).

At the end of the slump that followed their number one with Waterloo, Great Britain quickly became one of the most important markets for ABBA. In ABBA On Record I'm tracing the events that made them a success again, including the promotion of I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, wherein four CBS promotion guys dressed up as a wedding party - I have interviewed all four about it. The somewhat shambolic promotional visit to London in support of Arrival in November 1976 is also covered, based on interviews with those who were there at the time. The commercials that were made for some of ABBA's albums are explored; I've interviewed the man who commissioned and produced them. I also have a behind-the-scenes story of the group's declining fortunes in Great Britain in 1982, and their appearances on UK television that year, based on interviews with record company people who provided anecdotes and insights that certainly were new to me.

These, of course, are just some of the UK-related sections in ABBA On Record. My designer Maria Nicholas and I are currently putting the book together and if all goes well it will be sent to the printers before the end of the year, with delivery in the early part of 2024. If there is a delay, it will not be a matter of years, just a month or two, as there's no sense in rushing anything now. As soon as I have firm dates to announce, I will do so. Most importantly: if you're an ABBA fan, and if you've enjoyed my other ABBA books, I feel pretty certain you will like ABBA On Record too.

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ABBA at BBC Radio 1 in London, November 1976.

ABBA at BBC Radio 1 in London, November 1976.