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ABBA and America explored in ABBA On Record

published September 22, 2023

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One of the most fun aspects of writing ABBA On Record is the story-telling aspect of it. Although the book's structure is a diary format, the text is all about letting the reader understand how ABBA's music reached the world. It's been especially enlightening to study ABBA's career in the United States. The story has to go where the available facts and insights take me, and in this case I've been fortunate in having had so much material available to me, not to mention people agreeing to be interviewed.

In the book, I cover ABBA's tenure with Playboy Records, which also stands as an example of how wrong a pairing that was, even though there was plenty of enthusiasm for the group on the label. Then I have a rather detailed story on how ABBA got their recording contract with Atlantic Records - starting with other labels turning them down, going on to a description of who brought ABBA to Atlantic's attention and how, and even the haggling over certain points in the contract. In addition to being a really interesting story for those interested in ABBA, it also adds up to a picture of how the signing of an artist would happen back in the 1970s.

Naturally, ABBA's visits to the United States are also covered, and the people who promoted them tell us about the challenges they faced. Tony Scotti, who helmed the massive endeavour in promoting ABBA in America in 1978, shares some memories and insights, including the controversy surrounding the Largest Selling Group slogan, and thanks to archive research I also have facts from record company documents at the time. Also... Well, I could go on! As I'm now, during the design phase, re-reading the text in the book, I get excited myself, so I think there's a chance you will too.

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The Largest Selling Group In The History Of Recorded Music? ABBA on Sunset Boulevard, 1978.

The Largest Selling Group In The History Of Recorded Music? ABBA on Sunset Boulevard, 1978.