About this site

published February 17, 2022

The main purpose of Carl Magnus Palm.com is to share information about books I have written, and CD and DVD projects that I have been involved in. Most of these are related to ABBA.

Click a title of a book, a CD or a DVD and you will see a page with basic information about that particular product. On most such pages you can click "More details" and be taken to another page containing a more detailed description of the product, as well as links to even more in-depth information.

On the About Carl Magnus Palm page you will find information about me and my work, as well as links to some of my media appearances.

I also run three blogs:

1. ABBA Blog, in which I cover various ABBA-related topics.

2. Something On My Mind, in which I write about anything related to popular culture that strikes my fancy.

3. 1001 Albums, which is my journey through the each and every album included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Enjoy your time at Carl Magnus Palm.com!