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Sources and Notes

published March 26, 2017

The Acknowledgments section in the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions features the following text:

"Innumerable sources have been consulted in the writing of this book, the facts and interview quotes contained therein having been a great help in telling the story of how ABBA’s music was written and recorded. Because of space restrictions in the book, and in order to do all those different sources full justice, a complete list of books, newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes, etc. is available in the ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions section at The same section also contains a list of Notes, detailing the origin of all quotes."

These Sources and Notes are available as PDF files from the links below.

In the case of the Notes, some sources are unidentified: the quotes were featured in an earlier work by me, but the notes I made while writing that book vanished in a computer crash, and I haven't been able to locate them for this book. However, I hope to come across them in the future, and when I do the Notes document will be updated.

Some entries are also incomplete in the sense that I may not have been able to determine who the reporter was that conducted the interview that has been quoted in the book. Sometimes the name simply isn't available in the magazine where the interview was printed, but in some cases I may only have an incomplete cutting from, for instance, a fan scrapbook, where the name of the reporter hasn't been included. If and when I manage to determine who conducted those interviews, the PDF file will be updated.

There will be alerts about these updates on this website; on the Facebook page dedicated to the book; and on the Twitter account dedicated to the book.



A note about the Notes (!): I'm a bit of a Notes fan myself, in the sense that when I'm reading non-fiction I often like looking up where this or that quote originated. However, it annoys me that in many books, if you want to look up a quote on, say, page 383, the only reference you may get is something like "Smith, p27". If you don't know what "Smith" refers to, you have to go through the entire notes from the beginning to find the full reference.

In the Notes for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, you will only have to go back to the start of each chapter section to find the full reference. Which explains why some sources that have been used frequently are listed in full several times in the Notes.

ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions (revised and expanded edition)

ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions (revised and expanded edition). Published March 31, 2017. English language. 448 pp. Hardback. CMP Text. ISBN: 978-91-639-2656-3 (or 9789163926563). Sold out (but ebook still available).