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published March 31, 2010

A selection of fan reviews of the original English edition of From ABBA To Mamma Mia! 

"There's a lot of new information and interesting facts that I wasn't aware of before. ... I'm really pleased to see the post-ABBA solo years being researched in the way that they have been, because a lot of misconceptions have been cleared up."

Paul Carter, UK

"A nice heavy-weight tome packed with new pics - I almost had a hot flush in the bookshop."

Ritchie Franklin, UK

"It's fabulous, interesting and meticulously researched. ... It kind of helps you to imagine being there with them."

Stephen Bryceland, Scotland

"The approach is one of a behind the scenes view - rather more intimate and more human. I have never read a book in one night up till now. I just found that I was learning things I never knew or had never considered."

Andy Cuthbert, UK

"I most heartfully recommend this book to everyone. ... A lot of hard work and love has obviously gone into the book and it shows. ... A very treasured keepsake."

Michael Sheehy, USA

"I can write a lot about it but it all comes down to this : A FANTASTIC BOOK!!"

Patrick Proost, Belgium

"Carl Magnus has an excellent writing style in English; lucid, direct and straight-forward. ... I enjoyed most reading about things like the making of the video clips, which is something I'd never had the chance to read about before. The book is an excellent chronicle of key events in the lives of the ABBA members from about 1978-1999, and is highly recommended.

The Complete Recording Sessions is rightly known as the "ABBA Bible" in sensible ABBA fandom circles. We now need to stretch the analogy a bit: CRS is the Old Testament, which makes From ABBA To Mamma Mia! the New Testament! Or perhaps just the illustrated Bible..."

Stephen Groenewegen, Australia

"Its rightful claim to be "every fan's dream book" is 100% deserved!!! Miss at your own risk!"

Saqib Qadri, Pakistan

"The research is impeccable, and yet it is so readable, and anything but dry or pernickerty. The quality of the photos is also of course excellent, and the production lavish."

Graham Coult, England

"A glorious item by anybody's standards."

Mark Walton, England

"I can't put it down. Not only are the pictures terrific, but the text is easy to read and wonderfully written."

Peg Hughes, USA

"From ABBA to Mamma Mia is spectacular--- very well written and beautifully displayed."

Paul Lethbridge, Canada

"This book is just spectacular!!"

Stephen Morris, USA

"The pictures are beautiful, the writing superb."

Alison Hall, UK

"Its one of the best books yet."

Sandra Klaver, The Netherlands

"Well written and a treasure trove of photographs."

John Ortiz, USA

"What a lovely treat it was to see all of those pictures that I hadn't seen before. I was so impressed with the details [on the history of the photos]. ... A wonderful resource."

Michael Kealy, Canada

"Though I can never get enough information about Abba, such books only whet my appetite and leave me gasping for more. It is a wonderful book, with amazing photographs, and some new tidbits of information."

Julie Bristol, USA

"Lots of books have been written about ABBA and their career - but this is surely one of the best publications I ever bought and it's absolutely worth its price."

Oliver Witt, Germany


From ABBA To Mamma Mia! Current edition published by Premium Publishing, February 2010. English language. 264 pp. 29 x 24 cm. Hardback. ISBN: 9789189136625

From ABBA To Mamma Mia! Current edition published by Premium Publishing, February 2010. English language. 264 pp. 29 x 24 cm. Hardback. ISBN: 9789189136625