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Dancing Queen, Fernando, Happy Hawaii - the recording secrets we never knew!

published March 25, 2015

Just two weeks to go before the crowdfunding campaign for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions ends. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered so far. If you haven't pre-ordered yet, now is the time do it. Just click here:

So far in this campaign I have mentioned several times about the previously unknown information on ABBA’s recordings that I mean to share with you all in the revised and expanded edition of ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions. But I haven’t actually revealed very much about what that information might be. Well, time to change that!

The following list features just some of the fascinating tapes I’ve stumbled across in my role as consultant for Polar Music:

•  Tiger – an alternate mix, revealing details about the harmony vocals that aren’t noticeable in the familiar mix.

•  Happy Hawaii – an alternate mix that’s really different from the one we’ve lived with for the past 38 years. It blew my mind when I heard it.

•  Dancing Queen – an early alternate mix that seems to suggest something very interesting regarding the development of that particular recording (no, I’m not talking about deleted verses).

•  Fernando – an alternate full-length mix; yes, folks, even Fernando was a “victim” of the razor blade and the sticky tape.

•  Voulez-Vous – a rough mix of the original backing track recorded in Miami, before further overdubs and adjustments were made in Stockholm.

•  Dream World – an alternate mix with a few interesting differences.

•  Our Last Summer – an alternate mix with details from the familiar version missing.

Remember, this is just a selection of stuff I’ve heard “by accident” over the years. Can you imagine how much more there is to hear, once I start going through all the recordings systematically? What does ‘Me And I (with laughter)’ sound like, for instance? And what are the secrets we don’t even know are there to be found?

If you’re as excited as I am about finding out more about ABBA’s unreleased and unheard recordings, and the stories on how the familiar hits were constructed in the studio, then pre-order your copy of ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions here:

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