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ABBA sleeve stories explored in ABBA On Record

published September 14, 2023

What is ABBA On Record - Packaged Promoted Reviewed about? As the design and the production of the book moves forward, that's what I'm trying to remind everyone about in a series if blog posts. Today, I'm exploring the background stories of ABBA's record sleeves, an important part of the book.

First though, if you haven't pre-ordered ABBA On Record yet, this is the deadline date to keep in mind:

21 October 2023: Please pre-order ABBA On Record no later than this date if you want it personally signed by me. Copies of ABBA On Record bought after this date will not be signed for as long as this edition remains in print. 21 October is also the deadline date for UK customers to buy the book at the current UK price. After that it will be Europe prices (please visit for more details about the prices and to place your order).

I've had a lot of fun trying to find as many background facts as possible about ABBA's sleeves on Polar, making them, in a sense, three-dimensional. For the singles, there isn't always so much to say, although I have dug up a few factual nuggets there as well. The album sleeves are described in a lot more detail, and I'm especially pleased to report that, thanks to the diligent research of an ABBA fan, I now know where the photo for the Ring Ring album sleeve was shot, a location that had previously eluded me. This location was discovered just a couple of weeks ago, so in the nick of time.

Naturally, I have detailed stories about the other album sleeves as well, many of which are previously unknown. I've interviewed people who were involved in the sleeves that, to the best of my knowledge, haven't been interviewed before - such as many of the people who were at the Super Trouper sleeve shoot - and I've come across plenty of new facts. The stories really are fascinating: not necessarily because of my prose, I hasten to add, but because of all the stuff we're all learning from this.

On the subject of sleeves, I also have what I feel is an interesting background story on ABBA's main designer, Rune Söderqvist, and how he applied his philosophies and ideals - and experience from working in advertising - to his ABBA sleeves. I found this very enlightening, and I have a feeling you will too.

There is so much to explore in the ABBA universe, and I really do think the ABBA On Record project has unearthed many previously unfamiliar or long-forgotten stories and insights. More teasers to follow - in the meantime: pre-order your copy at

ABBA's Super Trouper sleeve - made three-dimensional in ABBA On Record.

ABBA's Super Trouper sleeve - made three-dimensional in ABBA On Record.