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ABBA On Record ponders the Australian conundrum

published October 09, 2023

Along with ABBA's career as it evolved in Sweden/Scandinavia, the UK and the US, their ups and downs in Australia are also studied in my forthcoming book ABBA On Record - Packaged Promoted Reviewed. Some Australian highlights from the book are detailed below, but first an important reminder:

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ABBA's Australian career is certainly one of the most fascinating chapters in their story. The explosive, hysterical interest during the 18-month period of late 1975 to early 1977 is a story in itself. I feel that it's only now, after studying and analysing the phenomenon in-depth for ABBA On Record, that I truly understand what happened. I'm looking forward to sharing my findings with you all.

Fortunately, there was a massive amount of press coverage of ABBA in Australia at the time, which has helped me bring the story to life, but I have also been fortunate in establishing contact with RCA General Manager Morrie Smith, who signed ABBA to a long-term contract back then. During the writing of the book I have exchanged several emails with Morrie, and he has answered all my questions, for which I am very grateful indeed, not least because I have a feeling he hasn't been interviewed about ABBA very often. RCA Sydney Promotions Manager Annie Wright, who was smack in the middle of things, has also shared her memories through personal interviews; I'm especially fond of her story of taking the brand new 'Dancing Queen' single to a Sydney radio station. For me, that anecdote somehow encapsulates the height of ABBA's Australian popularity.

In the book I'm also analysing the impact that ABBA's success in Australia had on other markets, and, of course, the massive drop in interest after more than a year of record-breaking sales - and more.

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ABBA in Sydney in 1976 - ready to conquer all of Australia.

ABBA in Sydney in 1976 - ready to conquer all of Australia.